・ Osaka Kansai International Air-port
・ Osaka Prefectural Government building
・ Kyoto City hall & various building of other municipal Government...etc.
・ Hospital buildings of National-Hospital,Osaka-prefectural-Hospital,Osaka-University-Hospital...etc.
・ Department stores of Hankyu,Hanshin,Kintetsu,Daimaru, Seibu,Mitsukoshi...etc.
・ Life Insurance company of Sumitomo-seimei,Nihon- seimei...etc.
・ University of Osaka,Kansai,Kyoto,Kanazawa,Osaka- Medical...etc.
・ Various buildings of Japanese Telephone & Telecommunications Co.,& their branch...
・ Fire department buildings of Osaka,Yokohama,Takatsuki & various cities...etc.
・ Fire training facility in various prefecture...etc.
・ Hotel of All Nippon Airways,Japan Airline, Shin-Hankyu...etc.
~ Installation in Monorail car ~
Kokusai Koku monorail,Chiba monorail...etc.
~ Instrallation in Ferryboat ~
Ship of “Blue-diamond”“Sun-flower Kogane”“Kobe” “Lavender”.....etc.
FOREIGN EXPORT COUNTRIES U.K.Austria,Germany,France,Hungary,Czechoslovakia,Potugal,Libia,
Saudi Arabia,Brazil,Argentine,Columbia,Singapore,Indonesia,Thailand,Taiwan,Vietnam...etc.
・ German embassy
・ Ezypt/Cairo Airport control tower
・ 台湾/台北国際空港,省立雲立医院,栄民医院,基隆市消防警察隊,潮州消防隊,郵政大樓,
※ Especially,many S-1-F type chutes are used by various country’s Fire brigade in Europe.
※ In China,for Shanghai linear motor monorail made in Germany,total 60 pcs. chutes
     were equipped in 2003.
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