SUPER ACE S-1 Type:Vertical Type
1)Descending speed.....
Descending speed is 2 meters or less per second and the speed never exceeds.
Therefore,never dive and any shock.
2)Double clothes.....
One for sliding,one for outer protection.
Both clothes have high capability for tensility and tear.
These are high quality polyester cloth and the outer cloth is treated"Fire-retardant- process".
3)No shock.....
Descending form is not vertical, it is gentle spiral direction and at the point of exit
cushion material is sewed in,so no shock by these double and threefold safe design.
We manufacture our chutes by using highest durability materials among various materials
so that our chute is excellent in durability for weather,humidity and other conditions.
We tried and performed to reduce the chute weight as light as possible,
and the desigh as simple as possible,so the operation is easy.
Then,this type chute is used by upper operation only with just evacuation person
without any other person's help.
Descending posture is little stooping posture by holding the center belt under
your left arm lightly and bend your legs little.
By this posture you can descend very smoothly.
1) 4)
Remove the cabinet cover Enter feets first
Remove the cabinet cover. Enter feets first.
2) 5)
Lower the chute Bend the knees as far as possible and descend with the hip first
Lower the chute. Bend the knees as far as possible
and descend with the hip first.
3) 6)
Set up the enterance frame Landing on the ground is shock-free
Set up the enterance frame. Landing on the ground is shock-free.
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SUPER ACE S-1-F Type:Vertical Descent
This S-1-F type chute was developed from our Model:S-1 for use mainly by fire brigades.
This chute is defferent from other types.
The chute has a zipper along its length at an interval(distance) of 2 meters and the escaping
persons can get out of the hute from any nearest zipper.
The chute enables exit from a place where the height is not same as the largest length
of the chute.
If the chute is installed on the gondola of a snorkel vehicle or on the deck of a fire engine
with a ladder,the saved persons within the gondola or on the deck can use the chute
by nearest zipper exit to the ground.
This means that it is not necessary to move repeatedly the gondola or deck from the point of
rescue down to the ground every time the gondola or deck becomes full.
Thes is a very efficient method of rescue particularly when the number of persons
to be rescued is large.
The weight of the chute itself is about 1.4kg/m,and it is possible to make maximum
50m long chute.
In the case of succession(continuous) use of the chute, the chute itself will suffer
no damage or trouble when a group of 5 to 6 persons descend in the chute at an
interval of about 1~2 second although the conditions may very depending on each case.
Descent & Safety
The chute is made in spiral form in the left turn directions,so try to descend in it turning
the body in the left direction.
The speed of descent is about 2 meters or less per second and the speed never exceeds
the above limit.
Therefore,no shock is felt during the descent in the chute or at the time when reaching
the protecting cushion in the capsule at the bottom of the chute.
This means that the chute assures the highest degree of safety and no danger at all.
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